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Wedding Music Long IslandAt Long Island Cocktail Hours we understand that great music creates a festive atmosphere and adds to the excitement of your special day. When deciding on the music entertainment for your wedding day, the 3 main areas that should be considered is your Ceremony, Cocktail Hour and Reception.  Each part of your wedding celebration can have its own music. This website provides focus to the music and entertainment choices for your cocktail hour and ceremony.

Professionalism: Finding a professionally qualified cocktail hour musician on Long Island can sometimes be challenging. When you are visiting our artist entertainment pages you can be sure that you are viewing and listening to highly talented and accomplished musicians.  All of our music professionals that perform Cocktail Hour Music and Ceremony Music have many years of experience in the wedding entertainment industry.  Our performers are versatile and can adjust to a wide range of musical styles. View our artist pages to find the performers that best fit your vision.

No Worries!
Our performers are familiar with all areas of Long Island and always arrive early, set-up efficiently and safely. Most importantly we work with your event coordinator to make sure every requirement is met. Our goal is to make your wedding day worry free. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but with our help, adding cocktail hour music will be the easiest part!

Featured Artist: 

The Wedding Duo - click 'here' to hear song samples

We are in the process of adding to our portfolio of artists. We are here to make your wedding or event as beautiful and as memorable as possible.

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Cocktail Hour Music - Question & Answers

Do your performers take special requests?

Most Definitely! All of our performers are skilled musicians and  have a wide variety of songs that they can perform. However, we can prepare songs as per your request and perform them for you and your guests. Note: Most special requests are specific to the actual Wedding Ceremony, but we also can prepare a special request for your cocktail hour music.


The age range of my guest list is vast. Can your performers play Cocktail Hour Music from different genres and time periods?

Yes!  Every performer member of Long Island Cocktail Hours was selected for the wide array of musical styles and song selection they possess. You can feel assured that we can provide you the type and style of music that you want on your big day.


Have you done events at my wedding reception location before? If not, are you familiar with them?

Wedding Musicians Long IslandSince our performers live on Long Island and have been providing exceptional Cocktail Hour Music for many years, the answer to this question is usually - YES. However, depending on the act selected, there is always a possibility that it could be the first time for that performer. If that is the case we have specific guidelines in place to insure a smooth and successful performance. In almost every case the reception location will provide a specific wedding coordinator to each bride. We ask that you provide us that contact information so we can speak directly to your event coordinator. If you have a Wedding Planner we will also ask that you provide us with that contact information. We will discuss any requirements that will be needed and we are always prepared with our own equipment that may be required. In most cases the questions are simply about set-up Time and Location.  In most cases a single electrical outlet is all that is required.

My DJ said that they could provide some background cocktail hour music for a small additional fee. Will hiring one of Long Island Cocktail Hours performers cost more than hiring the DJ.

Depending on the artist you select it could cost more to hire live performers. However, the benefit usually out weighs the small increase in expense. Hiring one of our performers brings elegance and class to your celebration. More importantly,  if you are going to have that same DJ play music later on at the reception, than our live performers will also provide a contrast in styles that will create a more festive atmosphere and an overall better guest experience.  Just ask the musicians on your guest list.

Will my guests to be able to walk around and have conversations without having to shout over the music?

Absolutely! Cocktail Hour Music by it's very nature should be background music.  Many of our acts are acoustic but even the ones that use amplification understand that they are not the main attraction and that they are only there to compliment the cocktail hour and to provide the perfect ambience.  All our Artists are professional and as professionals are trained to read and react to your guests. If your guests are able to have conversations with their partner or group without having to raise their voices then we know that we are presenting the music at the perfect volume. 


My Cocktail Hour is going to be a 2 hour event.  Is that going to be a problem?

Of course not. Our performers have a tremendous amount of experience and musical knowledge and will have no problem performing 2 hours worth of material.  Read the testimonial below to get a client's perspective.

I have never written a thank you letter before but the circumstances regarding my wedding last Monday were potentially devastating,
but your performers in Long Island Acoustics literally saved my wedding day. As you know, I am a performer on Broadway and most
of the guests are my friends from work who also are involved in show business and Monday's are our off-day.   Long Island
Acoustics performed our ceremony music at 3:30 and then performed the Cocktail Hour Music from 4 -5PM. At approximately
4:45PM my best man came to me to let me know that the wedding band had not arrived. The musicians lived in New York City
and the wedding venue was at the Vineyards on the east end of Long Island.  We notified your performers and they told us not to
worry that they could extend the music for us.  I immediately started making phone calls and finally tracked down the band
leader.  He informed me that they had not even left Manhattan yet as they thought the gig was an 8PM start.  Panic and shock
immediately set in. Long Island Acoustics had agreed to extend the cocktail hour music but  what were we going to do until 8PM.
After staring into space I spoke to Steve Palopoli from Long Island Acoustics.  He somehow calmed me down and told me all would
be fine. 

I'm not sure why, but he seemed so sure of himself that I believed him.  He went out to his vehicle and brought back a couple of
Mic stands and microphones.  From 5:30 till 8:00 they put on quite the show. They transformed themselves from a background
cocktail hour music duo into an amazing party band... but with just two guys. They knew so many songs that they were able to
call up the performers that were on my guest list and we spent the next 2.5 hours  singing, dancing and laughing. We called it
Guitareoke. I was almost disappointed when the band showed up as we were all having the time of our life. I didn't know how to
thank them. I invited them to join us at the reception but they kindly declined. Who could blame them.  They must have been

All I can offer you is my deepest and heartfelt thanks for coming through in my 'hours' of need. You guys were amazing.

Mark B.


I'm not exactly sure what I want to do for my Cocktail Hour Music. Do you have any suggestions?

If suggestions are what you need then you've come to the perfect website.  The staff at specifically picks our performers so that we can offer a diverse choice or combination of choices for the Long Island bride. We are not just another wedding directory compiling lists of groups. Our Featured Artist pages are just what we say they are. You'll be able to read about and see or hear what our performers are all about and what they'll bring to the table.  Once you visit our artist pages you will have a much clearer understanding of what is available and that will make the task of choosing so much easier. So if you are looking for acoustic guitar and beautiful vocals then The Wedding Duo may be your choice. Maybe an elegant instrumental acoustic guitar duo is more your style. If so then Long Island Acoustics can provide the entertainment. Are you looking for something a little more upscale - then maybe our Wedding Jazz Trio / Quartet is more your style. Maybe an amazing String Quartet. Are you having a beach wedding and looking for something completely different? If so then take a listen to some wonderful Steel Drum Wedding Music as performed by SteelDrumMania.    If you want entertainment that you don't see on this website then please contact us and our staff will assist in finding you the perfect Cocktail Hour Entertainment. That's what we do!

Wedding Music Pianist 

What Others Say About Our Cocktail Hour Music

I just wanted to send you a brief note. As you know I hired your performers, 'The Wedding Duo',  as a surprise for my daughter.  I wanted to just add a little something to a wedding that she otherwise had made all the vendor selections.  I was very nervous that she would not approve of my selection.  From the first note  of the first song all my worries vanished. They were extremely talented and the cocktail hour music was performed flawlessly and professionally. Even the volume was perfect. Our guests are still talking about them. 

Thank You!!!
Andreina J. , Melville, Long Island, NY


Thank You Haig and Steve (PocketChange).  I'm not sure why I was so concerned about your Cocktail Party performance for your organization.  I guess it was because it was the first time that I was asked to be in charge of providing the entertainment.  I was relieved when i found this website. I was able to listen to the different groups and it certainly helped me make the right choice for our event.  I plan to use you again next year, but next time I will leave you alone and let you do what you do best.  All the guests loved you.  Sincere thanks to you both.

Maryann G.
B.O.T. Inc.   Bayside, NY